Smoking and Its Effects on Oral Health

It is one of the most well-known facts that smoking can ruin your health in worse ways. The first victim of smoking and chewing tobacco is the oral health. However, people usually do not know the details what smoking can actually do to your oral and dental health. So, it would be worth discussing some disadvantages of smoking you really want to steer clear from.

Yellow stains

One thing that you might find common among people who smoke is the occurrence of yellow stains on teeth. These stains occur due to action of nicotine and tar which is present in the smoke of cigarette. Bad news is that these stains are not very easy to remove from the teeth. Some stains travel through enamel and reach the porous side, dentin, of the teeth. When that happens, it gets almost impossible to whiten the teeth. Furthermore, it is not all about the stains. The chemicals mentioned above can weaken tooth enamel, adding much to the vulnerability of the teeth against sensitivity and certain kinds of infections.

Rotting of teeth

Since the chemicals in cigarettes weaken tooth enamel, inner part of the tooth starts to become exposed to outside elements. This is where oral bacteria come into play. Oral bacteria react with the inner part of tooth, and this process leads to the development of infections on the teeth. The bacteria start eating the tooth, and it results in teeth’s rotting. This rotting process can advance to the roots of teeth, bringing real danger to the jawbone. Furthermore, smoking can result in lack of oxygen in the blood. As a result, the general ability of the body to fight infections reduces drastically. Hence, the blood supply wouldn’t be able to fight the developing infections.

Gum disease

As mentioned above, smoking results in lack of oxygen in the blood; and this process further leads to the weakening of immune system. When immune system gets weak, it doesn’t put a fight against the infections which tend to happen in the mouth. As a result, gums are more vulnerable against bacterial infections. These infections can lead to gum diseases which can make the gums losing grip of the teeth. As a result, teeth can fall out.

Oral cancer

Tobacco products are highly carcinogenic. It’s mainly because of the chemicals which are present in the tobacco products. These chemicals can cause several types of cancers. Since tobacco products consistently bring mouth under serious threat, the type of cancer that tends to happen is the oral cancer.

What you should do?

Apart from moving towards quitting the smoking, you will need to make sure that you are also recovering from the damages which have been already done in your oral cavity. You need to visit your dentist regularly in order to get treated in this regard. At home, you will need to make sure that you are using mouthwash and toothpaste made specifically for smokers.


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